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Enda Quealy

Creator of The Performance Switch™

Why even the most brilliant coaches suffer from self-sabotage…
and what to do about it

Thu, 23 March 2023 at 14:00 UK

Watch and listen to Enda and discover:

What to do about self-sabotage

The power of tapping into your subconscious mind

How to let go of resistances and energy blockages

And much more!

Enda Quealy - Amplifying your brilliance workshop

Amplifying Your Brilliance – A Workshop with Enda Quealy

Thu, 30 March 2023 from 12:00-13:30 UK

What if everything brilliant about you is every reason for you to get out of your own way?

My invitation to you: invest 90 minutes in yourself, exploring your unique brilliance, amplifying it, and using this energy to let go of anything and everything that no longer serves you.

There’ll be a short discussion at the start, and then we’ll dive deep into your subconscious mind, using a powerful process to create positive change, deep within you.

You won’t need to remember anything you’d like to release, or even know what you are releasing – this is the beauty of content-free therapy.

‘Amplifying Your Brilliance’ – what do you mean, Enda?

Well, over the last few years, I stopped focusing on ‘solutions to client problems’ and instead, started focusing on everything that’s brilliant about them…

…because I noticed that focusing on problems feeds them even more and you don’t want that, right?

So instead, I focus on everything brilliant about you and together, we crank it ALL THE WAY UP…

And when you process and release all factors related to or causing stagnation in your life…
You’ll unhide, acknowledge and allow your brilliances to shine…

Even if nobody else has acknowledged them.

Because your brilliances are GIFTS… And the more you acknowledge them, the more they amplify and expand.

So tell me: What else is possible with acknowledging your brilliances that you’ve never considered before?


Are you willing to be different and be aware that a happier, freer version of you is just around the corner?

If so, let me unlock it for you this Thursday 30 March at 12:00pm UK.

Enda Quealy

Creator of The Performance Switch™

I am passionate about helping high-level executives, creatives and
business professionals release the subconscious ‘junk’ that’s keeping
them stuck so they can step into productivity, creativity, mental
well-being, improved finances, and better health.

It saddens me to see professionals who have risen to great heights in
their careers who are exhausting themselves, wasting too much precious
time, energy, and money in an attempt to feel better.

If only they harnessed the power of the subconscious mind.

I can relate to my clients in many ways because for years, I might
have appeared successful in the music industry, but the reality was
that I was in constant inner turmoil.

What I didn’t realize during those difficult years, was the heavy
weight of past trauma was ruining my life. I actually stopped
breathing when I was first born due to my birth mothers’ chaotic
pregnancy. She gave me up for adoption and I spent the first month of
my life at a ‘mother and baby home’ where I was fed but not nurtured.
And while I was adopted into a wonderful family, those formative early
moments weighed me down.

The first few decades of my life were spent in depression, anxiety,
fear, and pain. I spent years self-medicating with alcohol, and later
other addictions like retail and classic BMWs trying to cope.

A single hypnosis track would change my entire life.

In just 60 minutes during that hypnosis, I took off the metaphorical
“backpack of rocks” I had been dragging around for my entire life. It
was astounding and quite honestly unbelievable.

Now, I am passionate about helping others dissolve the blocks keeping
them stuck.

I have completed thousands of training hours with the top 1% of
hypnotists, consciousness facilitators, and coaches.

Through my work, I tapped into my own brilliant gifts to develop The
Performance Switch™ which helps high-level executives, creatives, and
business leaders shed the subconscious junk and step into clarity,
direction, confidence, improved finances, and more.

It’s a powerful process that leaves you with an expansive sense of peace.