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Gillian Schofield

Kustom Copy

Why your small business needs a content strategy

Wed, 22 March 2023 at 14:00 UK

Watch and listen to Gillian and discover:

Why it’s important to have a content strategy

How to implement a simple 4 step strategy

Why you should invest in your marketing (even in a recession)

And much more!

Gillian Schofield


I’m Gillian, owner of Kustom Copy, and I live in South Somerset with my three children, aged 11, 14, and 17 and my partner Mike. We have a dog, cat, guinea pig, tropical fish and 2 ponies!

My kids all have additional needs ranging from anxiety through dyslexia to ADHD and sensory processing disorder. So, I’ve learnt to be a great listener and to see things from different perspectives. This skill is perfect for writing copy as I tend to be non-biased and can put myself in others’ shoes.

I started Kustom Copy in 2021, and it’s grown from strength to strength in that time. I offer done-for-you services and also affordable courses to empower those wishing to do things for themselves.