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Hel Reynolds

Comms Creatives

Why ‘Progress Not Perfection’ is our motto!

Thu, 23 March 2023 at 10:00 UK

Watch and listen to Hel and discover:

Why email marketing is so powerful

Why it’s important to understand yourself and your values

Why done is better than perfect

And much more!

Hel Reynolds

Social Media Creativity Expert

Social media creativity expert, Hel Reynolds runs Comms Creatives with her sister, Lesley.

Each year, she trains hundreds of communications professionals to unleash their creativity, with engaging online courses that get people fighting their fears and growing their social media skills.

Hel has bags of awards for her work, & is the woman behind ground-breaking projects like @CommsCartoons & #31DaysOfCreativity.

When people call her childish, she takes it as a compliment, & she is usually attached to a mug of coffee.