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Julian Marcus

Pure Productions

Embodied marketing – The way of authenticity

Wed, 28 March 2023 at 14:00 UK

Watch and listen to Julian and discover:

How embodied marketing reconnects to our authentic selves

How to create your own body poem in 7 minutes

Why our sense of belonging can be challenged by traditional marketing

And much more!

Julian Marcus

Founder of Pure Collective
Embodiment Coach and Somatic Educator

Julian works as a photographer and Producer / Director for video
production with a passion for nature, health, music and the arts.

Julian has for 20 years been a bodywork, embodiment and somatics practitioner, coach and mentor.

Julian runs trainings for practitioners as well as coaches business people on embodiment, creativity and leadership through embodiment approaches such as the Wheel of Consent, Aikido techniques and Body Poem.