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Nicky J Davies

WAVA Global Ltd

Grow your business with corporate contracts

Fri, 24 March 2023 at 12:00 UK

Watch and listen to Nicky and discover:

How you can win corporate clients

How a coach can approach corporate decision makers

Why it’s important to understand the problems you can help with

And much more!

Nicky J Davies

Executive Coach

Corporates pay BIG money for your expertise as a coach, consultant or trainer. But they make buying decisions in a totally different way to business owners or individuals.

Nicky has been selling coaching, consultancy and training services to corporates on behalf of her own business since 2004.

She has worked with more than 80 organisations in 23 countries, including well-known names like Vodafone, Engie, Maersk & G4S.

Nicky brings this experience together with proven strategies that work selling to corporates, helping you and your business thrive.